Department of Zoology

Year of Establishment: 1978
Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Year of Establishment 1978
2 Faculty 1.Dr.Patil Sampatrao Shivajirao
2.Mr.Dinkar Laxman Bansode
3.Mrs.Inkar Smita Daiwan
4.Miss.Pawar Pranali Shidoba
5.Mrs.Jadhav Sushma Abhijit
6.Mrs.Tamboli Jasmin Baluddin
3 Technical and Administrative staff 1. Mr. Kanase B. D. (Lab Assist)
2. Mr. Mulla S. K. (Lab Attendant)
4 Programs and Subjects taught 1. UG: B.Sc. Zoology (FY/SY/TY)
2. PG: Ph.D.
5 Other Courses and Programs Remedial Coaching
6 Revision of the Syllabus by the university 1. B. Sc. I, Zoology revised in 2012-13
2. B. Sc. II, Zoology revised in 2013-14
7 No. of Books in the department library ~ 30
8 Journals/Periodicals in the department library 1. Journal of Parasitological diseases
9 Seminars/Workshops conducted by the Department NIL
10 No. of Books published by the faculty (with details) TOTAL- 8 : BOOKS AND MANUALS PUBLISHED
I. Theory Books- 3 for B. Sc. Part- I and II Students
II. Practical Books- 2 for B. Sc. Part- I and II Students
III. Practical Manual- 1 for B. Sc. Part- I Students
IV. Vermitechnology Booklet -1 for Farmers
V. Reference Book- 1
11 Awards Received by Faculty (last 5 years) I. District Level -- 1 AWARD
II. State Level – 1 : AWARD
III. National Level – 3 : AWARDS
IV. International Level – 2 : AWARDS
1. ‘PRAGYAVANT’ award for excellent work in the field of Science & Technology. Dated 17th Feb. 2009
2. ‘NISARGA MITRA PURASKAR’. Given by Jiveshwar Pratishthan Pune, 26th Aug 2010.
3. SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD – 2012”.. Given by National Environmental Science Academy (NESA), New Delhi. Dated 29th Nov. 2012.
4. INTERNATIONAL LEVEL AWARD “STOOD FIRST IN ORAL PRESENTATION - 2013”.. In International Conf. on Biotechnology for Better Tomorrow (BTBT- 2013). At Mauritius. Dated 11th and 12th Nov. 2013.
5. NATIONAL LEVEL “EMINENT SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD – 2013”.. Declared by National Environmental Science Academy (NESA), New Delhi. Dated 9th Dece. 2013.
12 Projects undertaken/ completed/ Submitted Projects completed: 01, In progress:01
13 Membership of professional bodies Dr. Patil S. S.
Member of Board of Studies in Zoology, Solapur University, Solapur (As outside University Member)


Dr.Patil Sampatrao Shivajirao
Associate Professor
(M. Sc. Zoology (Aquatic Biology and fisheries) Ph. D. (Parasitology) )


Mr.Dinkar Laxman Bansode
Assistant Professor


Mrs.Inkar Smita Daiwan
Assistant Professor
(M.Sc. B.Ed)


Miss.Pawar Pranali Shidoba
Assistant Professor


Mrs.Jadhav Sushma Abhijit
Assistant Professor


Mrs.Tamboli Jasmin Baluddin
Assistant Professor


Physical Infrastructure

Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Laboratory (Sq.m.)
Lab I 78.00
2 Staff room/ HOD’s room/ store 22.00
2 Major Equipments: 1. Oven
2. Incubator
3. Microtome
4. Research Microscope
5. Photography Projection Binocular Microscope
6. Digital B. P. apparatus
7. Digital Haemo globinometer
8. Digital Glucometer
9. Research binocular microscope
10. Field camera-Sony 5200: No. 1
11. Binoculor- Bird watching
16.Computer -01

Salient Features of Department

Sr.No Details
1 Salient Features 1. Number of faculty: 06
2. PG recognition: 01
3. Ph.D. Guide: 01
4. Papers taught: Zoology at FY/SY/TY level and Environment Science for B. Sc. II
5. Total No. of Publications in journals/conference proceedings: 48
6. Total No. of Conferences/symposiums/Workshops/Seminars attended:80
7. No of research projects completed and in progress: 02
8. No. of Consultancy projects: Vermitechnology and Herpetology
9. No. of UG students: B. Sc. I- 95 and B. Sc. II-42
10. No. of PG students
i. No. of M. Phil students: 02 ii. No. of Ph.D. students: 03
11. No. of M. Phil degree awarded: 02
12. No. of Ph.D. degree awarded: Nil
13. Other programs: Exhibition on National Science Day conducted, 2008

Contribution of the department to college administration and activities

Sr.No Faculty
1 1. Dr. S. S. Patil i. Head and Associate Prof.
ii. Chairperson of Admission Committee- B.Sc. I
iii. Chairperson, Nature Club Committee
iv. B. O. S. in Zoology
v. Chairperson of Research Committee, NAAC

Prominent Alumni our Past Students are well placed in verious fields

Sr.No Name Current Position
1 Dr. Bhosale Sambhaji Hindurao. Principal and Asso. Prof. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Akluj
2 Dr. Patil Satyavan Subrao Head Dept of Zoology, L. K. Mahavidyalaya, Palus
3 Dr. Abdar Mohan Ramchandra Asso. Prof., N. N. Mahavvidyalaya, Walwa
4 Prof.mrs.Mohite Sujata Jaywantrao Asso. Prof. , Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Islampur
5 Prof.Patil Shashikant Shivajirao Rajara Bapu, Jr. College, Islampur
6 Prof. Bansode Pravin Ramchandraa Assit. Prof. , Jr. College, Pethvadgaon
7 Prof. Bansode Dinkar Laxman Assit. Prof. , Y. C. S. College, Karad
8 Prof. Shewale Uttam Lalasheb Assit. Prof. , Y. C. I. S. College, Satara
9 Miss. Shirsat Vimal Yashwant AAsso. Prof., Chikhali Mahavidyalaya, Chikhali
Student Achivements
1 UG Students 1. Four students of B. Sc. Part- I (Zoology), Miss Jadhav Dhanashri Shivaji, Miss Ghodake Supriya Dilip, Mr Vasav Vivek Vtthal, Mr. Jagadale Dinesh Ashok, Mr. Pawar Dattatraya Maruti and Salunkhe Abhijeet Arjun. Participated in Research Project competition “Awishkar 2009 -10”. At university level, for poster presentation held at Y.C. College, Karad on 5th& 6th Jan 2010 and two students of B. Sc. Part- I. at K. I. T. College , Kolhapur. Dated on 8th Jan. 2010. Guided by me. The papers are on “Vermiwash as Biofertilizer and Biopesticide”, “Snake Diversity of Satara Dist. & New vermicomposting model: A Tool for Sustainable Agriculture in India”.
2 UG Students 2. Four students of B. Sc. Part-II (Zoology)- Mr. Jagadale Ashutosh Arjun, Mr. Mulla Aslam Ajij, Mr. Sheikh Anwar Adam and Mr. Kadam Prafulla Dinkar. Participated in competition of lead college activity for Oral - Paper Presentation held at S. G. M College, Karad. Organized by Dept. of Zoology on 6th and 7th Jan. 2010. The papers are “Vermiwash as Bio- fertilizer andBio- pesticide” and “New vermi-composting model : A Tool for sustainable Agriculture in India”. Secured II- Rank.
3 UG Students 3. Under my guidance participated 3- Students: Mr. More V. S., Patil S. T. and Pawar D. M. of B. Sc. Part II and III for Quiz competition on ‘Environment’. Organized by Y. C. C. S. College, Karad. One day workshop as lead college activity. Dated 5th Jan. 2012.
4 UG Students 4. Under my guidance participated 8- Students: Mr. Vasav V. K., Mr. Mujawar T. I., Mr. Chavan A. R., Mr. Jagatap R. S., Mr. Patil V. H., Mr. Mohite S. D., Mr. Pokale M. T and Mr. Jadhav M. R. of B. Sc. Part I and II in one day workshop on “Vermitechnology and Biodiversity”. As lead college activity Organized by Raja Shripatrao Bhagawantrao Mahavidyalaya, Aundh. Dated on 9th Feb. 2012.
5 UG Students 5. Five students of B. Sc. Part– I of our college participated in one day Training Workshop/ Capsule Course on ‘How to Prepare/ Construct the Fish Aquarium and its Maintaince and Management’. A lead college activity. Organized by Dept. of Zoology, S. G. M. College, Karad. Dated 10th Feb. 2013. List of students: Mr. Koli P. B., Pawar S. S., Motkatte A. R., Patil A. B. and Patil A. R.
6 UG Students 6. Under my guidance participated 7- Students: of B. Sc. Part II for Quiz and Poster competition on ‘Bio- completion’. Organized by Shivaji University, Microbiology Dept. Dated 30th Jan. 2015. The list fo Students: