Research Projects Completed

Mejor Research Work

Duration Name of Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (lakh) Amount Received Status Completion Report
2012-2015 Habitat Assessment of Some Wetlands from South Western Maharashtra with special Reference to Floristic and Avian Diversity as Bio-indicators of Climate Change Dr. Salunkhe C. B. And Dr. Patil S. S. UGC 9.50 (lakh) 5.67 Completed Download Now (Date:05/04/2021)
2001-2003 Scheme for Financial Assistance for Improvement of Infrastructural Facilities in Existing Botanical Garden for Ex-Situ Conservation of Rare, Endemic and Endangered Grasses of Western Ghats Dr. Salunkhe C. B. Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi 07 (lakh) 07 Completed Summary
2013-2015 Conservation of Sacred Groves Biodiversity from Ratnagiri District through Community Participation for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Dr. Salunkhe C. B. Environment Department, Government of Maharashtra State, Mumbai 10 (lakh) 10 Completed Summary

Minor Project Work

Duration Name of Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned Amount Received Status
1992-1994 Physiological studies in Safflower Dr. S. B. Bhamburdekar UGC 0.09 0.09 Completed Summary
2001-2003 Grasses of South Maharashtra and Their Utilization in Sustainable Development Dr. Salunkhe C. B. UGC 0.40 0.40 Completed Summary
2005-2007 Ex Situ Conservation of Some Rare, Endemic and Endangered Bulbous, Cormatous and Tuberous Plants of Maharashtra Dr. Salunkhe C. B. UGC 0.80 0.80 Completed Summary
2008-2010 Assessment of Medicinal Plant Diversity of Some Sahyadri Hill Ranges of Satara District, Maharashtra Dr. Salunkhe C. B. UGC 0.65 0.47 Completed Summary
2008-2010 ADiversity of cystode parasites domestic fowl Gallus gallus domesticus of Satara district, Maharashtra, India Dr. Patil S. S. UGC 0.50 0.35 Completed Summary
2009-2011 Protected cultivation of some Gerbera species Dr. Bhamburdekar S. B. UGC 1.50 Completed Summary
2009-2011 Svatantryotter Hindi Yuddha Natakon me Rashtriya Chetana Dr. Gavali R. V. UGC 1.05 0.82 Completed Summary
2012-2014 History of Medivel Karad Dr. Nikam R. D. UGC 0.65 0.42 Completed Summary
2013-2015 Role of Self Help Group (SHG’S) in Women Empowerment: A case study of Walawa Tehsil of Sangli District, Maharashtra Dr. Rajhans S. M. UGC 1.10 0.75 Ongoing Summary
2013-2015 Changes in the population of Pune division of Maharashtra Dr. Bhakare P. D. UGC 0.85 0.60 Ongoing Summary
2013-2015 Maitrayee Pushpa tatha Shantabai Kamble ke Atmakathnonka Tulnatmak Adhyayan Dr. Kurane M. V. UGC 1.10 0.85 Ongoing Summary