Department of Physics

Year of Establishment: 1978
Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Year of Establishment 1978
2 Faculty 1.Dr. Dhanaji Suresh Dalavi
2.Dr.Satish Anandrao Mahadik
3.Miss.Desai Pranotee Vishwas
4.Miss._Kadam Anita Pandurang
5.Miss.Pawar Pooja Gunvant
6.Miss.Shinde Megha Madhukar
7.Mr.Jadhav Vinayak Sarjerao
8.Mrs.Desai Radhika Santosh
9.Mrs.Pawar Radhika Atmaram
3 Technical and Administrative staff 1. Mr. Jadhav V. P (Lab Assistant)
4 Programs and Subjects taught 1. UG:
B.Sc. Physics (FY/SY/TY)
5 Other Courses and Programs Remedial Course
6 Revision of the Syllabus by the university 1. F.Y.B.Sc. Physics revised in 2013-2014
2. S.Y.B.Sc. Physics revised in 2013-2014
3. T.Y.B.Sc. Physics revised in 2013-2014
7 No. of Books in the department library ~ 50
8 Journals/Periodicals in the department library Nil
9 Seminars/Workshops conducted by the Department 02
10 No. of Books published by the faculty (with details) 1. Published (Text Book of Physics, B.Sc.II, SHETH Publisher Pvt. Ltd) 01 (in process)
11 Awards Received by Faculty (last 5 years) 1. One of our Faculty member Dr. Dhanaji S. Dalavi was Selected for Dr. D. S. Kothari Post Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by UGC
2. Selected for Post Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by Ministry of Economy, South Korea.
3. Excellent poster award, IUMRS-ICA-2011, Taiwan
12 Projects undertaken/ completed/ Submitted Projects completed: Nil, In progress: Nil


Dr. Dhanaji Suresh Dalavi
Assistant Professor


Dr.Satish A. Mahadik
Assistant Professor
(M.Sc.,Ph.D, Post Doctorate (Erasmus Mundus, Eropian Union, france))


Miss.Desai Pranotee Vishwas
Assistant Professor


Miss. Kadam Anita Pandurang
Assistant Professor


Miss.Pawar Pooja Gunvant
Assistant Professor


Miss.Shinde Megha M.
Assistant Professor


Mr.Jadhav Vinayak Sarjerao
Assistant Professor


Mrs.Desai Radhika Santosh
Assistant Professor
(M.Sc., B.Ed, SET)


Mrs.Pawar Radhika Atmaram
Assistant Professor


Physical Infrastructure

Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Laboratory (Sq.m.)
Lab I 106
Dark Room 25.3
Staff room/HOD’s room/store 18.84
2 Major Equipments: 1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
2. Signal Generators
3. Power Supplies
4. Digital Stop Watches
5. Physical Balance
6. Spectrometers
7. Telescopes
8. Mirror Galvanometers
9. Spot Galvanometers
10. Millimeters
11. Microprocessor Kits
12. Optical Bench
13. Demonstration Kits.
14. Computer-01

Salient Features of Department

Sr.No Details
1 Salient Features 1. Number of faculty: 09
2. PG recognition: Nil
3. Ph.D. Guides: Nil
4. Papers taught: Physics at FY/SY/TY level
5. Total No. of Publications in journals/conference proceedings: 41
6. Total No. of Conferences/symposiums/Workshops/Seminars attended: 50
7. No of research projects completed and in progress: Nil
8. No. of Consultancy projects: - Nil
9. No. of UG students: 208 (B.Sc.I,II, and III)
10. No. of PG students
i. No. of M.Phil students: - Nil ii. No. of Ph.D. students: - Nil
11. No. of M.Phil degree awarded: - Nil
12. No. of Ph.D. degree awarded:- Nil
13. Other programs: Nil

Contribution of the department to college administration and activities

Sr.No Faculty
1 Dr. Dhanaji S. Dalavi i. Member of Teaching learning and Evaluation Criteria, NAAC
ii. Member of UGC Committee.

Prominent Alumni our Past Students are well placed in verious fields

Sr.No Name Current Position
1 Dr. Deepak Dubal Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Spain
2 Dr. T. J. Shinde Associate Professor, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Islampur
3 Dr. Nitin Shinde Associate Professor, K.B.P Mahavidyalaya, Islampur
4 Mrs. S. V. Supugade Assistant Teacher, K.B.P Mahavidyalaya, Islampur
5 Mrs. M. M. Kumbhar Assistant Teacher, K.B.P Mahavidyalaya, Islampur
6 Mr. Z. H. Mane Assistant Teacher, Y.C.I.Science, Satara
7 Dr. S. H. Mane Associate Professor, Solapur University
8 Mr. S. J. Patil Assistant Teacher, Junior College, Ichalkaranji