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Number of faculty from the Institution who are Ph. D. Guides = 8

Sr.No Name of the faculty member Faculty Subject Details of recognition No. of students registered Remark
1 Dr. Jamale B. B. Science Botany SU/AFFI/T-1016387 Dt. 25/8/1989 2 Retired but working
2 Dr. Salunkhe C. B. Science Botany SU/PG/AFFI/2811 Dt. 21/6/2003
SU/PG/AFFI/3719 Dt. 27/7/2001
7 Working
3 Dr. Bhamburdekar S. B. Science Botany SU/PG/AFFI/Recog/3462 23/6/2009 10 Working
4 Dr. Patil S. S. Science Zoology SU/PG/AFFI/9286 14/10/2008 03 Working
5 Dr. Gavali R. V. Arts Hindi SU/PG/AFFI/Recog/RHIN/8657 2/11/2007 02 Working
6 Dr. Nikam R. D. Arts History Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune, 30/10/2012
Shivaji University, Kolhapur SU/PGBUTR/Recog/105/6006
----- Working
7 Dr. Rajhans S. M. Arts Geography SU/PGBUTR/Recog/No-179/15068 26/2/2014 ----- Working
8 Dr. Kumbhar D. R. Arts Economics SU/PGBUTR/Recog/N0-10795 8/2/2013 ----- Working
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