Department of Chemistry

Year of Establishment: 1978
Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Year of Establishment 1978
2 Faculty 1.Mr. Patil Haradas Vishnu
2.Mr. Kale Mahesh Jagnnath
3.Miss. Sawant Ragini Shankar
3 Technical and Administrative staff NIL
4 Programs and Subjects taught 1. UG:
B.Sc Mathematics (FY/SY/TY)
5 Other Courses and Programs Remedial Course
6 Revision of the Syllabus by the university 1. F.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics revised in 2013-2014
2. S.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics revised in 2013-2014
3. T.Y.B.Sc. Mathematics revised in 2013-2014
7 No. of Books in the department library ~ Nil
8 Journals/Periodicals in the department library Nil
9 Seminars/Workshops conducted by the Department 02
10 No. of Books published by the faculty (with details) 1. A Hand Book of Computational Mathematics Labortary-I Shivaji University Mathematics Society, Kolhapur (2003)
2. A Hand Book of Computational Mathematics Labortary-II & III, Shivaji University Mathematics Society, Kolhapur (2005).
11 Awards Received by Faculty (last 5 years) Nil
12 Projects undertaken/ completed/ Submitted Projects completed: Nil, In progress: Nil


Mr. Patil Haradas Vishnu
Associate Professor


Mr. Kale Mahesh Jagnnath
Assistant Professor


Miss. Sawant Ragini Shankar
Assistant Professor
(M.Sc. Tech)


Physical Infrastructure

Sr.No Perticular Details
1 Laboratory (Sq.m.)
Lab 42.86

Salient Features of Department

Sr.No Details
1 Salient Features Number of faculty: 03
2. PG recognition: Nil
3. Ph.D. Guides: Nil
4. Papers taught: Mathematics at FY/SY/TY level
5. Total No. of Publications in journals/conference proceedings: 02
6. Total No. of Conferences/symposiums/Workshops/Seminars attended: 22
7. No of research projects completed and in progress: Nil
8. No. of Consultancy projects: - Nil
9. No. of UG students: 125 (B.Sc.I,II, and III)
10. No. of PG students
i. No. of M.Phil students: - Nil
ii. No. of Ph.D. students: - Nil
11. No. of M.Phil degree awarded: - Nil
12. No. of Ph.D. degree awarded:- Nil
13. Other programs: Nil

Contribution of the department to college administration and activities

Sr.No Faculty
1 Prof. Patil H. V. i. Member, Time Table Committee
ii. Member, Information Technology Committee
iii. Chairman,Career & Councelling Cell

Prominent Alumni our Past Students are well placed in verious fields

Sr.No Name Current Position
1 Prof. Patil S.V. Y.C. College Of Science Karad
2 Prof. Mohite Ranjeet Assistant Professor,Jaywant Institute of Management,Wathar
3 Prof. Bhosale Parinita Assistant Professor,Jaywant Institute of Management,Wathar
4 Prof. More Mangala K.B.P. College Islampur
5 Prof.Humane pooja Dualatrao Aher College of Engineering Karad
6 Prof. Barge S.B. Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering Astha
7 Student Achivements University Merit Scholaships Miss.Patil S.V. , Miss. Barge S. B. , Miss. Mane S. R. & Miss. Mane S.R.