About Library

The college library was setup in 1978. Our College library plays an important role in educational process of the institution. Library is valuable resources for students, staff, researchers etc. The library has build a valuable collection of 26351 books (including Junior, Senior) 507 bounds volume, current subscription of 32 journals, 11 news paper (Marathi, Hindi & English). 34 CDs. We have subscribed membership of Nlist. Inflibnet with the facility of 75000 + e-books & 3000 + E-journals.

The library spread over the area of 325 sq.ft. with stack room, reading room, internet, reference, periodical. Our College Library performs a variety of functions by the way of collecting information, processing and retrieving the relevant information, which is helpful to the students and faculty with text books, reference books and journals, as well as by maintaining an efficient reference and information service, providing Internet facility and Multimedia facility.

Book Bank Scheme: - The College has a Book Bank Scheme run by the Students Mutual Aid Fund for the economically backward & needy students. A set of text books are provided to the students to be used in the academic year, and returned after the completion final examination.

Computerization of the Library: -The computerization of the library is in the process. The Library is using Libreria Software developed by MKCL. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) provides access to the bibliographic database. The bar-coding work of books and members is in progress and shortly we will provide the facility of computerized circulation. Internet facility is available to students for educational purpose.


Mr. A. A. Thorat
Librarian & Head of Library Dept.
(NET, M. Lib. & I. Sc., M.A) Ph. D. (Parasitology) )


Library Timing

Monday to Saturday: - 08.30 A.M. to 05.30 PM.

Library Resources

The Library has over the years built a valuable collection of
1. Books :
  a. Junior College Books : 6957
  b. Senior College Books : 19394
2. Periodicals : 32
3. Bound Volume : 507
4. CD's Collection : 34
5. On line resources :
  a. 75000+ ebooks and 3000+ ejournals with the membership of N-list inflibnet

Library Committee

Library committee acts as an advisory committee and holds regular meetings. The committee decided about the policy matter, budget, library problems, library rules & library services etc. Library committee has 10 members, as follows:

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr. L. V. Sukane Chairman
2 Mr. A. A. Thorat Secretary (Librarian)
3 Dr. C. B. Salunkhe Staff Member
4 Dr. M. V. Kamble Staff Member
5 Dr. Mrs. M. V. Kurne Staff Member
6 Mrs. R. R. Patil Staff Member
7 M. S. Mahadev (B.A. II) Student Member
8 P. M. Patil (B.Com. II) Student Member
9 A. P. Humane (B.Sc. II) Student Member

Library Services

    We provide following library services-
  • 1. Circulation
  • 2. Reference and information
  • 3. Inter Library
  • 4. Reading
  • 5. Book Bank
  • 6. Photo
  • 7. Internet facility
  • 8. Career Academy competitive exam

Library Membership

College library members include all teaching staff, students, administrative staff, external students, researchers, institution alumni, staff from the other colleges and management members. The library fee and deposit for students is as per university guidelines. The rules are framed with relation to membership circulation and other services. These rules are framed to help and promote library resources and services. Rules are displayed on notice board time to time.

Library Staff

Library staff – 06 persons

Sr.No Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. A. A. Thorat Librarian & Head of Library Dept. NET, M. Lib. & I. Sc., M.A
2 Mr. A. A. Patil Library Clerk M. Lib. & I. Sc., M. Com.
3 Mr. B. T. Mane Library Attendant S.S.C.
4 Mr B. S Kamble. Library Attendant S.S.C.
5 Mr. D. K. Gabhale Library Attendant S.S.C.
6 Mr. K. S. Dandekar Library Attendant H. S. C. A. T. D.